Terms of Services

All users are advised to read the following Terms and Conditions of services. Applications thorugh this domain or use of information contained in this domain are assumed to have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions.

1. www.eskyjob.com (Domain) is a doman owned and operated by Esky Consultants Ltd(Esky), a Hong Kong incorporated company.
2. Users refer to registered members and non-registered individuals who use any information contained in the Domain or use any service of the Domain.
3. It is the responsibilties of Users to ensure all information supplied to employers and Esky must be ture, correct and completed.
4. Users should understand that Employers do not necessary make an offer of job to any User.

4.Esky reserves the right to refuse any services to Users
5.Esky may terminate the membership of any registered member at any time or refuse any Users' request for service
6.Esky reserves the right to change or amend any terms and conditions if necessary
7.Esky has taken steps to endure the correctness of any information contained in this Domain. Hence, Esky accepts no responsibilties for any incorrect, misleading or incomplete information contained in the Domain
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