Personal Data Collection and Privacy Statement (Privacy Statement)

The domain,, is owned and operated by Esky Consultants Ltd (Esky). Esky provides professional recruitment and staff outsourcing services to local, PRC and overseas companies of all industries. Esky is a licenced employment services provider in Hong Kong.

It is the policy of Esky to compile with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) in Hong Kong. All personal data collected from individuals (Users) during its course of operations are strictly limited to use only for the services, ie job applications, requested by Users.

All Users using or intend to use the services, not limited to job applications, of Esky, are strongly advised to read this Privacy Statement carefully.

Collection of Personal Data

Esky is a licenced employment services provider in Hong Kong. During its course of operations, Esky requires to collect personal data from Users, ie. 

   . Name,
        . Address, Email address, Phone number, Age, Identity Card Number

       . Gender, Date of birth, Country of residence, Nationality
   . Education level and Work experience
       . Preference of jobs and Expected salary
   and any other information that is necessary for the services.

Provision of Personal Data

Users may supply their personal data through telephone, email, mail, fax or in person at the office of Esky as well as through the domain, It is totally Users' decisions to supply Esky these information and Users may refuse to supply all/any of these information. Failure to supply all/any of these information may affect the outcome of Esky's services to Users.

Meanwhile, it is the duty of Users to ensure all personal data or information supplied to Esky are accruate, correct  and complete.

Esky reserves the right to take adequate steps to verify the correctness and accruacy of any data/information supplied by Users.

Use of Data

All data collected are kept on a centralised database and be shared among the staff of Esky.

Esky requires all its staff to use the personal data only for the services requested by Users. Or otherwise, Esky will obtain the consent of Users if the personal data is used for different services or to be passed to a third party other Esky.

From time to time, Esky may use the personal data for direct marketing or any promotional activities. Users may notify Esky if they refuse Esky's marketing or promotional activities.

Correction and Removal of Personal Data

Esky will maintain the personal data in its database so that Users may request any of the services of Esky in future.

From time to time, Users may update or correct any data maintained by Esky.

In case Users do not require any services of Esky, Users may request Esky to remove all or any personal data.

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